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"Shir Fun is a class like no other.  The songs are fun and educational and appeal to a wide variety of audiences.  Dafna is a gem- not only does she have a talent for music and a genuine love of teaching children about Israeli culture, but she has a way of connecting to each and every child in her class that makes their eyes light up and their souls sing.  I am on my third child in

Shir Fun and I am still moved to tears each time I come."

-Renat, mother of 3


New Shir Fun classes just added in

New Rochelle and New Jersey!

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Created by native Israeli and veteran music therapist Dafna Israel-Kotok,

Shir Fun is the newest innovation in Jewish early childhood education

and development.  Leveraging the invaluably positive effects on the

brain of musical enrichment and cultural pride, the Shir Fun

program immerses children participants in both using

top-of-the-line educational musical instruments, and a specially

designed curriculum which includes original songs,

movement-based activities, holiday celebrations and

personal interactions.  The program is taught only by native

Hebrew-speaking professional musicians with strong backgrounds

in group instruction. 

The Shir Fun experience is shared with the children and

their parents and/or caretakers and is a true celebration of music and community.   

Following the release of the full-length album “Dafna’s Shir Fun” and building on the program’s success, Shir Fun is currently producing more recorded music and creative educational media

in order to maximize its positive effects on the community.


Our Founder

Shir Fun was created by Israeli music therapist, Dafna Israel-Kotok, whose passion for Jewish and Israeli music and culture has been cultivated all of her life.  Growing up in a moshav on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, she learned to play the guitar from her father at an early age and together, they became a central musical figure to her community’s cultural celebrations. 

After her service in the Israeli army, Dafna attended university in the U.S, obtaining a degree in music therapy.

For the past 10 years, Dafna has harnessed the healing effects and developmental power of music on a daily basis as a music therapist in New York City hospitals and health centers, where she has worked with chronically ill children and the elderly.

Those institutions cherished her specialized talent and captivating voice as well as her warmth and connection to children and the elderly.

Dafna’s love for children and Jewish culture, together with her musical gifts, make the Shir Fun experience an invaluable one for both children and grown ups, fostering a love of Jewish culture and music and a positive sense of community in a child’s earliest memories. 

Our program

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